Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Letters to Eden: A Promise

Edie Faye, 

I pray you never question how lovely you are.  Because of that, I promise to never talk about myself in disgust in front of you.  

I can assure you I will make plenty of other mistakes in motherhood, but calling myself "fat," "ugly," or "gross" will not be one of them.  Because right now you look at me like I am the most beautiful being you've ever seen, and as soon as I make you question that by voicing the opposite opinion, you'll start doubting the way you see yourself.  Because you'll grow up hearing, "You look just like your mommy!" and if I follow that up with, "Your mommy is too chunky and disgusting," you'll think you are, too.  

Your self esteem is so fragile--I know.  I'm still working on repairing mine after growing up thinking I was less than lovely.  My own mother didn't know the negative things she said about herself fell back onto her still-developing daughter.  But I look back on them and know I could shatter your sweet soul with one comment about my own squishy stomach or prematurely graying hair.  I could make you think analyzing every inch of your reflection and comparing it to what we see in the media should be a part of your everyday routine.  

I hope to take care of your heart in treating your beauty like the perfect, delicate gift it is.

I love you,


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