Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Ask Me Anything

We're approaching the two year mark with the NewlyWifed blog (Holy wow! Two years already?) and I've been receiving more private messages and emails lately from the sweetest readers asking questions about certain posts, marriage and motherhood in general, and how to get a blog up and running.  Because of that, I thought I'd open up a little Q and A for an upcoming post in case anyone else has something they'd like me to cover! Feel free to comment, message, email--however you feel most comfortable contacting yo gurl. :)

Love and appreciate you all so much!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Belated Birthday Date

A little cheat for my birthday--SO WORTH IT.

Hope your Saturday is just as delicious!

Friday, September 25, 2015

I Don't Know How to Pose Alone

Haha, can you tell? I figure if I'm going to continue this whole blog business I should probably get dressed and do an outfit post on occasion--even if it makes me feel super dorky. Because you know what? I kind of am super dorky!

Most of these will probably include Edie for that reason, but for my birthday I figured I should attempt to pose alone. Every other day is about her, and rightfully so--she's the coolest!

This romper is super comfy and the neckline is great for nursing! Also, hats are my love language now that my gray grows in so quickly. And it's lavender! I figure if I can't have the lavender hair I want (do you know how many salon trips it would take to turn my dark hair pastel? TOO. MANY.), I can at least wear a lavender hat :)

Romper // ShopRuche
Hat // Asos
Boots // Target

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

26 Goals for My 26th Year

1. Go on a date with my husband.
2. Photograph a birth.
3. Write a children's book.
4. Throw Edie a beautiful birthday party.
5. Bake a cake.
6. Grow a vegetable.
7. Catch a fish.
8. Cook a multi-course meal.
9. Read through the Harry Potter series.
10. Camp.
11. Host a holiday party.
12. Repaint our front door.
13. Learn a little Spanish.
14. Visit a pick-your-own farm.
15. Learn to sew something simple.
16. Dye clothes with veggies/fruit.
17. Continue minimizing our stuff and live with less.
18. Keep a plant alive.
19. Stress less.
20. Laugh daily.
21. Be intentional with my hands free time.
22. See a movie in a theater.
23. Regularly invest in friendships.
24. Help other new moms through LLL and otherwise.
25. Learn to make macarons.
26. Take ballet lessons.

Cheers to 26!

Saturday, September 19, 2015

A Little Irresponsible

Last winter, only a few months after Edie was born, I told Daniel I needed to do something that made me feel young--something completely unrelated to the heavy responsibility of motherhood. I decided I would get my nose re-pierced (I had it done in college but took it out when I thought it was time to act like an adult. I've since decided much of adulthood is overrated! Ha.) if I still wanted it on my birthday, which was a good eight months away.

Well, that birthday (26! I feel like a 13 year old playing house most of the time. Until I look at my roots--pictured above ^^) is here this Tuesday! So tonight we did one of the tackiest things ever--we took our baby to a tattoo shop to get my nose pierced. Except they had a sign on the door that said "No Children Allowed," so Daniel walked her around in the parking lot while I went in alone. He's never been with me to get a tattoo or piercing so he was kind of excited to see how it all went down, but overall it was probably a good thing we didn't take our sweet babe inside, because, you know, we're classy. Sometimes.

Anyway, all that to say--I acted a fool and got my nose re-pierced tonight. 
Have a great weekend! I'm spending the rest of mine trying to get Edie to stop poking my nostril. :)

Friday, September 18, 2015

Eden Faye, 11 Months Old

Hi friends! I'm 11 months old today!
Here's what I'm up to lately:

-I weigh 16 pounds, 14 ounces and am almost 28 inches tall.
-I'm in the 14% for weight and the 17% for height.
-I wear 6-9 months clothes and probably need to move up to size 3 diapers.
-I'm practically running now!
-I know what "No" means and like to play with Mommy when she says it. I slowly walk to an outlet while watching Mama with a big grin on my face and reach out for it and wait for her to say "No," then I yank my hand away and run to her while clapping. We do this over and over for ten minutes sometimes!
-I say "Mama," "Dada," "yeah," and "hi."
-I am an awesome eater! Meat is my very favorite and if I finish what Mama gave me and she doesn't give me more quickly enough, I scream!
-I also love green beans, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, ground beef, turkey bacon, bone broth, scrambled eggs, almond butter, carrots, apple slices.
-I still nurse all the time during the day, though, too! And a couple of times throughout the night.
-I transitioned from down to two naps a day this month and go three to four hours between them.
-I'm ready for bed between 7 and 8 and love sleeping with Mama.
-I still don't have any teeth!
-My favorite book is "From Head to Toe" by Eric Carle. We read it over and over! I love the monkey page!
-When I want to read, I grab a book, sit down, open it and point to the page while staring at Mama.
-I dance to music!
-I still don't have time for diaper changes.
-I love splashing in the bathtub and making bubbles so I can poke them.
-I love being outside and get upset when Mama picks me up from playing on the ground.
-I love when Mama does yoga so I can walk under her in down dog.
-I love puppies!
-I love walks in the ring sling.
-Dada put some marbles in a jar for me this month and I love pushing it around.
-I love playing my xylophone.
-I love carrying around Dada's socks.
-I point at everything.
-I love high fives!
-I love when Mama says, "How big is Edie? SO BIG!"
-I've found Mama's tattoos and I like to scratch them for extended periods of time.
-I'm super cuddly!
-I can feed myself but am often too distracted.
-I think eskimo kisses are funny.
-I still laugh at my own toots!
-I'm opening cabinets and drawers and getting into everything all day long.
-Mama is hard at work planning my first birthday!


Edie, my love, you are such a little firecracker! You've been hilarious this month--such a goofy personality. I love doing life with you every day and wouldn't trade staying home for a billion dollars. You've become even more snuggly, especially at naptime and throughout the night, and my heart feels like it might seriously just burst on a regular basis. I'm so proud of the strong little lady you're becoming! You're only a month away from your first birthday, and I'm so proud of us for getting through this first year and also so sad to see my tiny baby turn into a big, independent girl. You are everything, sweet babe! I love you!


Monday, September 14, 2015

Fall Mini Sessions

Need photos for your annual Christmas card?  Let's hang out :)  Email me at jrockphotog@gmail.com!