Friday, January 31, 2014

Valentine's Day Photo Sessions

I'm headed to Tulsa this weekend for round one of my Valentine's Day photo sessions, and I'm so excited! 

Valentine's Day brings out the cheeseball in me, and I wanted to figure out a way to differentiate these sessions from my other couples sessions.  So I'm bringing a few props along! I won't force them upon any of my couples--we'll probably still do mostly natural, candid photos--but, in the spirit of being silly in love, these will be available for use!

I was planning on sewing a little heart pillow, but this one found me in Target.

I am crafting up a couple of the props, though, including this:

A giant crepe paper flower! :) I looked up several tutorials, and this one was my favorite.  I'm a fan of how it's turning out! 

If you're interested in getting photos done with your love this weekend or next, I have a couple of spots left! Contact me at :)

Love love love,


Thursday, January 30, 2014

Kyle and Nataley's Wedding Day

Although my wedding was just over a year and a half ago I thought I would share these special photos of our big day in light of Valentine's Day approaching!--Jordan and Kalyn's posts got me all mushy and lovey- dovey :)

I hope you enjoy these wonderful photos taken by Imagovitaphotography!

-My beautiful bridesmaids- Jordan, cousin Hope, and sister Whitney-

-My aunt and uncle were so gracious to offer their beautiful log cabin home to let us get ready in- 
-cutest little kids I've ever seen: Kilie, Jarek, and Maiya-

My beautiful bouquets were made by my loving, generous, talented aunt Julie :)
-Look at all that bling ;)-
'First Touch' rather than 'First Look' :)

My parents surprised me with a horse-drawn carriage---it felt like a dream

I guess that is the face I make when I'm really excited to see Kyle ha

-I recommend the first act after being declared married be taking communion together, it was a special moment-

We got married on my parent's land on their wedding anniversary--I am really glad we did :)

-This guy ;)-
-Pop as a party favor- 

-Asbury United Methodist let me borrow the fabric and family (aunt Di) and others lent us the lights to really transform the shop-
-I have a lot of aunts (or ladies that are so close they are honorary aunts) that made our big day happen, Cinda did AMAZING, I couldn't have asked for a more perfect cake-
-one of my favorite pictures-
-These were a Christmas gift from my sister and her hubs and they perfectly represent me and Kyle-
-Guess who caught the bouquet???-

-Note: grass seed is not a good material to throw at the bride and groom when it's June and hot and the little bitty seeds get everywhere---but it made a cute picture! :)-

This day was more than I could have ever imagined in any dream and we owe it all to our parents, family, and friends. I love you all!