Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Valentine's Dress & Date Ideas

I am so excited for Daniel and I to celebrate our first married Valentine's Day! I'm a huge sucker for holidays (it's annoying, really) and any excuse to celebrate, exchange gifts and shower my loved ones with appreciation. Daniel is my favorite person give all this attention to, so I LOVE this holiday!

We haven't narrowed down what exactly we'll be doing yet, but we've discussed a few ideas.  I'm a big tradition-loving dork and think it's super fun to wear a cutesy red dress or a classy little black dress for V Day, so I've been doing a little online window shopping because I think we'll go out at some point that weekend. Here are a few that caught my eye:

Daniel and I recently realized we haven't really gotten dressed up for a date since we got married, so I'm excited! I don't even know how or when it became the norm for me to wear oversized sweatshirts and yoga pants, but here we are.  Time to put in a little effort and shave my legs, I suppose! :)

Like I said, we don't have set plans yet, but here are a few ideas I've entertained and thought I'd share in case any of you are in the same boat.

Nontraditional Valentine's Date Ideas

1. Build a fort in your living room and have a dinner picnic on the floor.  Fall asleep in front of the fire.

2. Want to get dressed up, but can't decide on a restaurant? Have dinner, dessert, and drinks at three different places--find a new favorite local spot!

3. Grab a hot cup of coffee and go to a local bookstore.  Write little notes of encouragement and leave them in random books.  Take that happy energy and write notes to each other afterward.

4. Try that complicated recipe you've feared for far too long.  Make it a five course dinner at home! Get dressed up, put on some fancy music, and don't feel bad for hogging the table all evening.

5. Maybe you weren't high school sweethearts and your memories of prom aren't happy ones. Or maybe you were, but your prom experience together was just plain awkward and stressful.  Have a do-over! Head to your local thrift store, buy an oldschool prom dress and suit jacket, and get all tacky fancy.  Hang Christmas lights around the living room, set your camera on self timer for prom photos, and turn the music up too loud.  Dance like idiots.  And hey, this time you'll probably get lucky afterward, and it's okay! (Hahaha, sorry, I had to!)

6. Go shopping and pick out one another's clothes to try on for each other.  Let your spouse pick what you'll wear that night.  Free alternative: shop each other's closets and pick out outfits for each other from there!

8.  Go to a local coffee shop and buy a drink for someone sitting alone.

9.  Go on a staycation!  Eat at a local restaurant you've never been to, explore all those little shops you've always wanted to go in.  Book a room at a local hotel, enjoy the hot tub and sleep in!

10.  Start a new tradition for just the two of you.  Go to a pottery studio and make a bowl or cup together--engrave the year and plan to return next year.  Get up early in the morning and drive to a new city, grab a cheap souvenir and start a collection.  Go to a show and save the ticket stubs.

And if you're looking for gift ideas or another fun date idea, or both, I still have a few slots open for this deal! :) Contact me for more info.

Speaking of dates, Daniel and I have one with our realtor and five or six houses this evening---eeeek I can't wait!

Stay warm, lovebirds!


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