Monday, January 27, 2014

Workin' Woman

Today I am welcoming Monday because I am feelin' good.
Last week seemed to drag on mostly because I had some sort of irritating stomach bug that allowed me to get to work but made me want to be completely unproductive all day. 
So today I am glad my body is back to normal and I can get to work!

Welcome to my work place, I work at the Two Guys Bow Tie Co. and we make wooden accessories for men. We created the wooden bow tie along with wooden lapel pins. Be sure to check them out here!

Jordan and I have talked about how we want to share on the blog about this stage of our lives being newly wifed, not quite ready for motherhood, and enjoying getting plugged into work, friends and our own creative adventures. 

I have to say, I love my job and I am supppper thankful and grateful for the opportunity to work here. It just baffles me how the Lord puts you right where he wants you. Here is a little background on how TGBT found me---
The summer of 2010 came with my decision to change my degree from Biology to Art at Oklahoma Baptist University. That was quite a change and I honestly didn't know what I would do after I graduated. 

The next summer I knew I needed some sort of internship or job that would help me find a focus. I had heard of the retail store, Anthropologie from my friend Kristina who worked there in Seattle. We had one in Tulsa and I got on their website just to look around because they have some seriously cute things along with awesome store and window displays. Unbelievably, they had a summer internship for store display. I applied and had an interview where I had to bring a portfolio of my work---which I didn't have any work so it was a bunch of random things that seriously makes me laugh when I look at it now.

Nevertheless, I made the cut and became an intern to this awesome lady named Kara! Kara was the design coordinator for Antho at that time and now has her own interior design business called Kara Pasaly Designs---she is amazing!  I learned A TON that summer and more importantly it gave me the confidence to know I could do and make anything I set my mind to. 
I had my senior year at OBU and it came time to figure out what to do with my life! (I'm still trying to figure that one out) I contacted Kara and she was gracious enough to take me on as a side worker for her interior design company. Again, awesome experience but I needed to find more of a full time gig so I job jumped for a little bit. 

Last year Kara's husband Tim contacted me about coming and making some wooden bow ties for his new business and first I asked what a wooden bow tie was and then I was in! I love working with my hands and it was fun getting to see the business take form and grow. 
The business grew and I was thankful when they offered me a full time position as the Office/Production Manager.

I think God knows I'm a pretty indecisive person so he has opened the doors he intended for me to walk through and I have been trying to do my part and keep my eyes on Him to continue on His crazy path He has for me. Right now I know I am supposed to be a married woman with two dog babies and working at TGBT. I'm trying not to rush or delay any other plans--which is a struggle I continually have but I'm working on it. 
Don't be ashamed to be in YOUR stage of life---everyone is different!


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