Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

Daniel and I didn't really make any plans for New Years Eve this year, and I'm so glad! We stumbled into the most fun evening with a group of fantastic people.  It began at our friend Matt's house, where we played a board game and toasted at 11 p.m. (since it was already midnight elsewhere), and ended at the downtown square under the fireworks.  Happy New Year, friends!

What a wonderful way to bring in the New Year!

Daniel and I have a pretty lofty list of goals for 2014, and I am PUMPED to pursue them together! Some of them are for both of us, and others will be great opportunities to cheer each other on.  

1) Keep working on communication and learning to understand one another.  We are SO different, and marriage is a HUGE adjustment.  But because of that, we have so much to teach each other. We hope to keep actively pursuing ways to better love each other. :)

2) Save for a downpayment on a house.  This means cut out silly spending and get more creative when it comes to entertainment and meals.  

3) Train for my first triathlon while Daniel trains for another marathon (and qualifies for Boston!). 

4) Learn Spanish together!

5) Start a little garden.

6) Build stuff--shelves, a coffee table, etc.  We have a growing list of projects!

7) Make this gluten and dairy free lifestyle fun.  Cook fresh, delicious food and find things we really love.  Feel awesome.

8) Take a little anniversary trip and celebrate marriage like crazy.

9) Develop NewlyWifed Photography, starting with the website I'll be launching like REALLY SOON!

10) Visit our brother, sister, and niece in Indy before they move! :)



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