Sunday, July 13, 2014

27 Weeks Bumpdate

We are officially in week 28, friends--the third trimester, the home stretch! I am so excited for all the Edie prep we'll be doing in the next couple of months--her nursery rug came in while we were out of town for the weekend and it made me giddy over getting ready for her all over again.  

We had an appointment this past week--everything was right on track and now we get to go hear sweet girl's heartbeat every two weeks! I can't believe we've made it to this point--it seemed so out of reach back in weeks six through ten when I was feeling pretty yucky.


Baby Size: Nearing 15 inches long!

Gender: Girl :)

Weight Gain: 11 pounds, feeling great!

Symptoms: My back is a little more sore this week, but maintaining my workout schedule and stretching really help.  I'm not sleeping a whole lot because her kicks are getting pretty strong, but we're doing okay! :)

Exercise: Same routine!
Cravings: Avocado and salad, cottage cheese, anything sweet.

I'm off to unpack--have the best week, pretties!


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