Sunday, July 27, 2014

29 Weeks Bumpdate

I apologize for the not-so-cute photo this week--Daniel and I have been painting the stairwell and upstairs hallway all day and I'm a sweaty mess.  I got tired of not helping with the big projects, and it's water-based paint, so I think we'll be okay! I love seeing our house come together.


Baby Size: Nearing 16 inches long--still can't believe there's a little human being growing inside of my body!

Gender: Homegirl :)

Weight Gain: 13 pounds, feeling fantastic! By this point I have lots of amniotic fluid and extra blood around our growing babe, so I really don't feel like I've gained much--I feel like myself.  I didn't realize how heavy my belly was until Daniel came up behind me when I was bent over doing dishes a few days ago and held my belly up--it was such a relief I didn't even know I needed! He said it felt like a bowling ball, haha.

Symptoms: This girl MOVES ALL THE TIME. I love it, but I do have a couple of specific spots on my tummy that almost feel bruised from her poking her foot out over and over.  I now know it's for sure a foot because we found out at our appointment this week that Edie is HEAD DOWN and probably not going anywhere! :) So I'm not able to pinpoint what parts of her body are where--so fun! Only downside to her squirminess--I'm not sleeping much. 

Exercise: Nothing's changed! Love my Sunday morning runs the best though, because Daniel goes with me and makes it much easier to forget the feeling of a baby bouncing on my bladder with each step. :)
Cravings: Cottage cheese is remaining a pretty constant one.  I'd love a Diet Dr. Pepper, which I haven't had in about five years. I probably wouldn't even like it if I tried it--that's what I'm telling myself.

Off to paint some more--we're getting new carpet on the stairs tomorrow and I'm PUMPED.


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