Sunday, July 20, 2014

28 Weeks Bumpdate

It's been a really good week, friends.  I'm feeling so much support from my husband as we turn into this home stretch.  I definitely encourage you first time mommas to take a class and read out loud with your husbands as you prepare for your little ones--it's making this whole thing start to feel more like a team effort, and it's so wonderful!


Baby Size: 15 inches long! Grow, Edie, grow!

Gender: Girl :)

Weight Gain: 12 pounds and still feeling like myself overall! Daniel and I had a date night last night and I decided to pull out my pre-pregnancy skinny jeans just for fun--hadn't tried them on since March because I haven't really wanted to wear long pants all spring and summer.  I was shocked to find they still button and fit comfortably! I ended up wearing them for the evening.

Symptoms: Anytime I sit down for more than thirty seconds, my belly moves like crazy. It's so weird to watch my body house a little human!

Exercise: Same routine--feeling really strong.  I say something like, "We did it!" to Edie after my run every morning--I feel like every day I'm still exercising is worth celebrating!
Cravings: Cottage cheese, avocado, chocolate.  Starting to feel full a little quicker--think we're running low on space in my tummy.

Happy to be in week 29 and can't believe we get to meet the mini so soon!