Wednesday, December 31, 2014

A Look Back at 2014

In January we put an offer on a house and found out it was accepted after a little bidding war!

The night after our home offer was accepted, we got the biggest surprise of our lives :)

We spent the loveliest long weekend at Big Cedar in February. We're trying to figure out a good time to go back in the next few months.

I quit my desk job and took on NewlyWifed full time and it was the BEST decision.

We had our first meal at our new house on Easter. I started feeling Edie kick around this time and we were already falling so in love with this teeny one.

In May we packed up and moved into our first house, where we spent much of the summer on project after project.  We love this space!

I fulfilled my dream of designing all of the floral arrangements for a wedding. Such a sweet day!

I experienced the most terrifying few days of my life at the end of May.  We were told our baby had a severe birth defect.  After spending a week on my knees in tears, we found out she was healthy and perfect and I've never felt such intense relief and thankfulness for our community of prayer warrior friends.

We found out babe was a girl and decided to name her Eden, which means God's perfect gift.

We spent a night in OKC and explored a few local spots.

We took our own maternity photos and marveled at how girl was growing in my tummy.

Our Austin babymoon was THE BOMB.

We went on lots of simple iced coffee dates to cope with the summer heat and my pregnancy cravings. (Decaf iced lavender lattes are my jam.)

My sweet friends threw me the prettiest baby shower on the craziest stormy afternoon in August.

We went to the pumpkin patch on one of our last dates before girl was born.

I tried to find ways to pass time while I waited to go into labor.

I had the longest labor and most beautiful natural birth I could've imagined.

We brought this little nugget home and suddenly everything looked different.

We celebrated our first married anniversary!

Deciding on a family Halloween costume was so fun!

I realized how surprisingly comfortable I am with my mommy body. Battle scars!

Edie Faye turned one month old!

We took Christmas card photos at the square.

And decorated for my favorite time of year.

Edie turned two months old!

I learned to wear the babe and it made our daily lives so much sweeter.

Christmas with this one. Yes.

I received the loveliest gift from my sweet husband.

And a few photos from the last evening of 2014...

MAN, what a full year.  2015, the bar is high--not sure how you're going to compete, but I can't wait to see you try. I'm off to meet you with my two loves!

Happy new year, friends! Be safe tonight!


Tuesday, December 30, 2014

NewlyWifed Photo Roundup 2014

What a year! 

To those of you in the photos above, I had the BEST time meeting each and every one of you pretty people, and I feel so blessed that you let me capture a few moments of your sweet stories! Thank you thank you thank you :)

2015 has a lot to live up to, but I'm so looking forward to the weddings I already have lined up!  Speaking of weddings, I still have a few weekends open for the spring and summer season, and I'm now booking for next fall and winter, too! Be on the lookout for a New Years deal soon!

I have so many goals for my business this next year, but I mostly just want to keep showing you all just how lovely you are. Please let me know if you're interested in hanging out during a pretty sunset for engagements or family photos, or wherever you feel most yourself for a lifestyle session!