Thursday, December 18, 2014

Eden Faye, Two Months Old

Hi friends! I am two months old today! 
Here's what I'm up to lately:

-I weigh 8 pounds, five-ish ounces and am 22 inches long. The doctor says
I'm very petite like mommy and daddy--this month I weighed in at the 2nd percentile.

-I'm still wearing newborn clothes and diapers.

-I spend most of my awake time smiling and talking to mommy
when I'm not nursing, but I am not happy if she leaves the room for even a minute.

-My longest talkative stretches are usually between midnight and 1 a.m. and again when I wake up from my long stretch of sleep, which has been from 7 a.m. to 11ish lately (sorry, Mommy!)

-I love taking baths. I kick and flail my arms around like a crazy girl!

-When mommy puts me on my tummy I lift my head and look around for a while.

-I roll from my tummy to my back five-ish times a day before I decide I'm over it.

-Mommy started taking me on runs with her in the stroller this month,
and I squeal the whole time!

-I only really nap on mommy's chest or in our wrap.

-I sleep one four to six hour stretch most nights (or days lately), 
and I like to marathon nurse for a couple of hours before that.

-I stretch my arms over my head and arch my back like a grownup when I first wake up.

-I hate being rocked but love being bounced/squatted.

-I hold on to mommy's collar while nursing and she loves it.

-I love when daddy holds me in front of the Christmas tree so I can look at the lights.

-I love when mommy puts on music and dances with me. I try to sing along with her!

Edie girl, you are just the best baby.  I can't even complain that you like to be close to me pretty much all the time, I honestly love being close to you, too.  You're constantly changing and surprising me all the time! Just when I think you couldn't possibly smile any bigger or squint any sillier, you do. You're smarter and more beautiful every day, honey! Mommy and Daddy think you're starting to look more like both of us, which is so special. You have your own spunky personality, though--you flirt more with Daddy than I do! I can't believe how blessed I am to stay home with you--I'm constantly thanking the Lord for trusting us with the sweetest babe there ever was.  I love you so, Eden Faye.


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