Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Babywearing Love

You guys, I am a little obsessed with babywearing--it's seriously the COOLEST thing and makes the transition to new mommyhood so much more pleasant.  I'm able to pretty much hold my baby/have her close to me all day while still doing laundry and such.  She's actually all wrapped up against me snoozing away as I write this post!

In these photos Edie and I are enjoying our Solly Baby Wrap.  We also regularly use a Boba, but this Solly Baby is just so lovely and SO soft--it's definitely my favorite lately.

A wrap is a perfect gift for the new momma or momma-to-be in your life if you're still shopping!  I love being close to my girl all day, and it's a fantastic transition for baby who is used to being all snug in mommy's womb. :)



  1. Jordan! I have also been trying to baby wear with my 2nd baby because I did not with my first and I feel like I/she missed out. I am having trouble though and didn't know if you had any tips to help? During this pregnancy I had terrible sciatic nerve pain. I was adjusted by a chiropractor regularly, which helped, but I usually was in pain by the end of the day. After I delivered Tennessee the pain went away, but whenever I put on my moby wrap and try to do anything, it all comes back! Have you experienced this at all?

    1. Hi Hope! Congrats on your new baby girl :) I did experience mild sciatica during pregnancy and got adjusted every couple of weeks throughout my last trimester, but it hasn't bothered me since Edie was born. From what I understand a Moby is stretchy like a Boba, right? Are you making sure the wrap is flattened out everywhere so the weight is well-distributed, not bunched up or folded over? The times I've been in a hurry and didn't unfold the straps, especially in the back and shoulders, I was a little sore afterward so I could see that contributing to some back pain. Are you carrying her high enough to where you can easily kiss the top of her head? If you let her sink too low, that might put pressure on your nerve as well. Those are just a couple of problems I've run into while learning to babywear. My husband has also said our Solly Baby wrap is much more comfortable to him and that the Boba hurt his back, so you might try a non-stretchy wrap if you feel like you're wrapping correctly and still in pain. I hope you can get it figured out quickly so you and babe can enjoy bonding in that way!

  2. Congrats to you too and thank you for the advice. My sister in law told me I need to be wearing her higher, so I tried it this morning and it was much better! She also fell asleep within 5 minutes of wearing! Guess I will keep trying it, so I can chase my other one around the house :) Thank you for blogging about your baby and being a mom, I enjoy reading all you post! Your baby is gorgeous :)