Monday, March 31, 2014

Spring Dreaming

I'm sitting here listening to the rain and getting excited for what beauties will soon be blooming and sprouting all around. Although, I've been more interested in getting some springtime inside the house because I love being surrounded by the living growing greenness. 

Here are some inspiration pics I found:

Well it looks like there is no one type of plant I like---ferns, tropicals, fig trees, cacti, and succulents are all such beautiful house plants!

My sweet aunt Anna brought me a beautiful ivy plant when she came and visited our new home last week and my mind has been dreaming up house plants ever since!

Happy Spring dreaming!


Sunday, March 30, 2014

Weekend Projects

Daniel and I spent the majority of the weekend running back and forth between Lowe's/Home Depot and the new house, and I'm loving watching our projects take shape! I spent most of my time with a shovel in hand and Daniel hardly put down his paint brush, but we did manage to take a few photos.

As exciting as all of these renovations are, I'm mostly enjoying working side by side with my husband.  We are tackling something huge together, and I love it!


Friday, March 28, 2014

(Almost) April Showers

It's a gray, stormy day here in NWA, but I don't mind at all.  Spring is finally making an appearance after the longest winter I can remember, and with all this rain, I can't stop thinking about planting flowers.  I've always wanted to learn the art of cultivating a garden--both floral and vegetable--and for the first time I'm not a renter, so this shall be the year!

We have some lovely little flower beds in the front and back of our new house that I can't wait to fill.  Funny story actually--the previous owners dug up several of the larger plants in the beds, and I can only assume they took them with them.  Daniel and I were pretty surprised to find fresh big holes in the dirt after we closed on the house, but what could we do? So the plan is to fill them tomorrow, and I'm pretty excited to choose what we'll grow there.

My dad planted a rose bush in our backyard when I was little and I loved watching it bloom every year, so I've been doing a little research on maintaining roses here in Arkansas.  I love the idea of planting something so big and beautiful right when we move into our first house and having it grow alongside us for however many years to come.  

My spring fever is in full swing!


Thursday, March 27, 2014


Sorry Kyle, I just couldn't help it---I found this picture and I had to do a throwback plus it is Thursday.

This was 9 years ago, before we even started dating---notice Kyle's lack of enthusiasm for taking the picture ha. I was a freshman and he was a sophomore and we had Mrs. Ganer's Spanish class together. We didn't end up learning any Spanish but we did spark a friendship and started dating the next school year. 

Oh the memories :)


Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Jordan's Home Renovations: Kitchen Before Photos

I am super excited about our new kitchen--it has so much potential and I have so many ideas! I'm not sure how much renovating we'll actually get done in this room before we move in--painting is first priority--but looking for inspiration is fun :)

We're planning to paint the kitchen white and most likely do something different with the countertops.  We like white counters as well as butcher block, so at this point we're kind of exploring cost options and going from there!  Under normal circumstances we wouldn't be talking about tackling all of these renovations right off the bat, but with this time gap before we move all of our stuff in, getting as much done as we can kind of just makes sense. :)

Can't wait to cook something yummy in this space!


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Courtney & Mason tied the knot!

 I love seeing my friends so happy. One of my best friends Courtney married her love, Mason a couple weekends ago and I was honored to be a part of the wedding party. The wedding was perfect and Courtney had planned every last beautiful detail. 

I was happy to capture a few photos throughout the day so I could look back on all the love shared between friends, family, and the new husband and wife. 

Congratulations to Courtney and Mason!! I know you will love being married and I can't wait to see you two grow in your love for one another everyday, I love you both!


Monday, March 24, 2014

Jordan's Daily Reads

Two days since my last post, and not much has changed.  I'm still in bed coughing up a lung. I haven't smelled or tasted anything in four days. I had NO idea how much of my everyday happiness depended upon my favorite scents and tastes--feeling clean after a long hot shower has a LOT to do with being able to smell your soap and shampoo, and eating is really hard when all you have to appreciate about it is texture. :( Boo. 

But enough of that little pity party.  The upside to being sick (aside from the obvious abundance of puppy cuddles!) is having plenty of time to catch up on my reading! So I thought I'd share a list of links I visit daily lately for inspiration.

Happy reading!


Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Parent's Home Building Process (Pt. 1)

After eating some yummy lunch with the in-laws, Kyle and I headed up to my parents land to check out the progress on their home being built! It was really fun to see how the layout they created compliments their lifestyle. They got to pick out where they wanted the appliances, windows, doors, rooms, etc. which really creates an open layout that utilizes the space very well. 

The house is definitely 'farm house' style on the outside and a more modern country living style on the inside. They are just in the beginning stages but I can't believe how fast the building has gone. I can't wait for the picking out of paint colors and decor part :)

 Living room with central fireplace

 View of kitchen and dining from living room

Stairs going up to the loft area and bedrooms

 Can't have a farmhouse without a wrap around porch!

> 5J Ranch <

 I think the pups like the farm life

On the drive home Kyle and I talked about how fun it will be to have get togethers there and to be able to one day take our kids up to gma and gpas house to spend the night with their cousins. They have a pretty sweet set up for the kids to create some memories like we did with our cousins and grandparents.

Today was a much needed relaxing day after finishing the floors yesterday. Kyle is picking up some BBQ for dinner and we are picking up a RedBox movie. 
I am very happy :)