Sunday, March 23, 2014

The Parent's Home Building Process (Pt. 1)

After eating some yummy lunch with the in-laws, Kyle and I headed up to my parents land to check out the progress on their home being built! It was really fun to see how the layout they created compliments their lifestyle. They got to pick out where they wanted the appliances, windows, doors, rooms, etc. which really creates an open layout that utilizes the space very well. 

The house is definitely 'farm house' style on the outside and a more modern country living style on the inside. They are just in the beginning stages but I can't believe how fast the building has gone. I can't wait for the picking out of paint colors and decor part :)

 Living room with central fireplace

 View of kitchen and dining from living room

Stairs going up to the loft area and bedrooms

 Can't have a farmhouse without a wrap around porch!

> 5J Ranch <

 I think the pups like the farm life

On the drive home Kyle and I talked about how fun it will be to have get togethers there and to be able to one day take our kids up to gma and gpas house to spend the night with their cousins. They have a pretty sweet set up for the kids to create some memories like we did with our cousins and grandparents.

Today was a much needed relaxing day after finishing the floors yesterday. Kyle is picking up some BBQ for dinner and we are picking up a RedBox movie. 
I am very happy :)


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