Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween!

This costume is pretty self explanatory and seriously took 20 minutes to throw together! So if you're digging around for something last minute today, go pick up a cheap tutu, a pink boa, a headband and construction paper from Hobby Lobby, and grab your hot glue gun. :)

 Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 30, 2015

Fall Family Photos

I learned a few things this year during our little tripod photo session:  I kind of thought Edie would cooperate a little better than last year (when she was just a few days old and obviously couldn't look at the camera on command), but nope--she's a busy girl and the leaves were just WAY too interesting--she wanted down to play! Also, I am way darker than my family members, so getting the lighting right was a challenge. And finally, hide the remote, Jordan--come on! (You can see it in one of the photos above, haha.)

Overall, though, I love these photos and I know they'll mean so much to us as the years go (very quickly) by. Edie is at such a fun age but still little enough for us to hold and snuggle her. So much has changed since last holiday season!

I think I love these photos even more today than when we took them last weekend because yesterday I got in some serious self care time and I'm kind of feeling like a whole new Mama this morning. I went to my first solo counseling session, ran home to nurse and play for 45 minutes, and then dropped in on the best 90 minute hot yoga class. Oh man--I feel like I went on a week-long vacation! Huge thanks to my hubs for coming home early and supporting me in getting healthy. 

I'm off to make Edie's Halloween costume! Happy Friday, friends!

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Rewritten Wedding Vows after Two Years and a Baby

I, Jordan, take you, Daniel, to be my wedded husband. Even when we're not having and holding (which we won't be doing much of once we have a baby), I promise to make you dinner, too, if I get around to making it for myself. And that will be rare. I promise not to smother you to death with my pillow when I'm up nursing for the sixth time in the middle of the night and you've managed to sleep through every single cry, even though I'll definitely think about it. And just so you know, when we originally said "for better or for worse," well that looks like a wife who hasn't shaven her legs or brushed her hair in many days. Many. And it sounds like a wife screaming in harmony with your baby because she's so tired. That brings us to the whole "in sickness and in health" bit--that includes mental and emotional health, too. And ours will be poor for a season. And that will lead us to forget the whole "to love and to cherish" concept. But I promise not to leave, to continue sleeping under the same roof, even when that's the only thing we'll have in common for a while. I promise to remain faithful to you, because let's be real, when would I even have time to think about an affair? Seriously, you have nothing to worry about there. Til death do us part, honey. And after all the stress of this year, that might be a lot sooner than we think.

Monday, October 26, 2015

Two Years of Marriage

^Some cute little toddler snuck into this one :)

Can you spot our crazy girl?
Oh man, I can't believe we're two years in. What a FULL two years. I know Daniel and I would both say the second year was a million times harder than the first--learning to parent is so tough! And learning to do it with another adult who has all kinds of ideas on what it should look like, too, is a freaking challenge. But we made it through her first year and through our second, and even though there have been lots of things we've said and done we probably wish we could take back, we're both still here. And in this season of our marriage, that has meant everything. 

I love you, Daniel. Happy anniversary.

P.S. If you're curious about how our wedding went down, go HERE and HERE!