Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Maiedae Mixer + What I Wore

Sorry for the silence this week, friends, but I have a good reason! We've been on the road to and from the Atlanta area for the past four days. I had the opportunity to attend this year's Maiedae Mixer, and it was so wonderful!

I was in a bit of a hurry to get ready (who knew Georgia was on Eastern time? Eek!), so we didn't get any good outfit photos. But here's what I wore:

Dress // ASOS Gypsy Dress

Thank you so much to the girls at Maiedae for planning the sweetest evening! I had no idea how much I needed an excuse to throw on a dress and get out without baby girl until I was there, and meeting so many other creative ladies made the drive all the more worth it. The two with me in the photo above are Chelcey of and Abby of Little City Adventures. They are way cooler than I am--go show them some love!

P.S. Happy International Babywearing Week! Of course I'll have a post or two for you on something so dear to my heart :)

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