Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Costume Countdown: Black Cat

Baby Black Cat
Total $: <$10
Total Time: <1 hour

You'll need:

Black onesie
Black headband
Black pipe cleaners

Optional: baby-safe face paint for nose, whiskers

I realized after I took these photos I probably should have fashioned some sort of pipe cleaner tail to Edie's bottom, but I doubt it would have lasted on there long. :) She's not at a very patient age. But aren't these pipe cleaner kitty ears the cutest? And so easy! Also versatile--you could make some black wings out of posterboard or cardboard and turn baby into a little bat!

This is the least complicated costume of this little countdown--perfect if you're in a pinch or maybe even throwing a party and need a few photobooth costume props--these ears are so quick to make!

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