Friday, February 28, 2014

Movie Date: American Hustle

Daniel and I saw this movie tonight in preparation for The Oscars Sunday.  We figured it might be a good idea to at least watch one of the best picture nominees :)  We were both extremely entertained the entire two and a half hours--these roles were so different for all of the actors in the film! We agreed we feel like we need a good sleep afterward though--it was pretty intense.  I'd say go see it if you don't have plans tomorrow and it's still playing at your local theater. :)

Also, I don't know if and when we'll ever stop getting IDed at movies.  We apparently don't look 17.

Happy date night!


Thursday, February 27, 2014

Favorite Pinterest Recipes

Good recipes are hard to come by. I have tried many from Pinterest but some definitely missed the mark.  Here are some of the one's I've made several times and have become my go to recipes!

I hope this helps when it comes to dinner next week! I know I've already made 3 of these this week! I'm all about easy, comfort, quick, (semi-healthy, ha) and for the most part these fit the bill

Enjoy :)


Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Welcome to the World, Baby Harlow!

Monday was seriously one of the coolest days of my life.  Oh man. Somehow I got the crazy wonderful privilege of photographing my sweet friends Kaitlyn and Jacob in their last moments of waiting for their first little one and then their first moments of knowing her.  Being there all afternoon with their families was so special, and the delivery was absolutely incredible.  

Watching Kaitlyn calmly bring her baby into the world with determination and grace as her husband held her hand, touched her face, and cheered her on was perhaps the most pure example of marital love and teamwork I've ever seen.  And their faces when they saw their girl for the first time...I mean, come on. Life is a MIRACLE, you guys--nothing short of it.

Jacob fell in love as soon as he saw Harlow. He followed her around the room as doctors cleaned and weighed and measured until she was placed in his arms for the first time. He carried baby girl over to his wife and they marveled at her together for a few moments before feeding her and introducing her to the rest of her new family.

She is so teeny and so perfect!

I went back to the hospital for a little visit yesterday and got to see Miss Harlow all cleaned up and dressed.  Kaitlyn and Jacob are just swooning over her, as they should be, and I couldn't be happier for these sweet friends of mine!

Thank you thank you thank you, Kaitlyn, for asking me to capture these moments.  I'm so excited to be sharing a few of them with you, Jacob, your families and friends (I have more I'm not posting! :) ). Harlow is so blessed to have you two as her mommy and daddy.