Saturday, February 1, 2014

Super Bowl Preparations!

If your hubby is anything like mine, there is only one thing on the mind....SUPERBOWL.
Kyle has declared his bottom to be in his new chair for the afternoon.
I like football but I don't really care that much :/
I do get excited for the excuse to make some really tasty snacks---here are some recipes that get my mouth watering! (Note: these are not all gluten or dairy free)

--I have made these several times and they are delicious!

And here's a little something for me :) I can't help it, I love mangos and I love margaritas!

While I'm searching for the best of the best for the Superbowl, the pups decided it was much to cold for them to go outside and play so they are being super cute big lazys--- 

Have a great Super Bowl Sunday! (P.S- Go Broncos)


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