Monday, February 10, 2014

Nat's Valentine's Dress & Date Ideas

 I know Jordan posted her Valentines Day dress and date ideas last week---per usual I'm a little behind but I've been thinking a lot about what Kyle and I are going to do and of course what I want to wear!
Here are some pretty little dresses I found that won't break the bank!

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Kyle and I are trying to save some moolah but that doesn't mean we don't want to have a good time and spoil each other in less expensive ways.
This Valentine's day we want to go to dinner but not somewhere super fancy but nice enough that I can get pretty for my man.
As you know we recently moved and although our address is still Tulsa we are surrounded by Broken Arrow. Last weekend I strolled down main street BA which they are building up as the Rose District. It is super cute and it's exciting that it is being developed. There are a couple restaurants that look like they fit our style---smaller more casual, yet intimate.
I recommend exploring your town to find new places you've never been before! Even if it doesn't go as planned it will probably be a story for the books!

As for a possible gift idea, we already established we weren't going to spend any money on each other so I've been thinking of some sort of tradition or keepsake that we can add to each year.

1. Create a Bucket List together

2. Make a back drop and take a picture in front of it each year with something significant at that time of your life as a prop

3. Year of dates: put together date night ideas/kit envelops to use every month of the year

4. Come up with 1 year goals, 5 year goals and 10 year goals for your marriage and life--you can set Valentines day as the time to review

5. Start a journal you can write love letters to each other in

6. Find something from your Valentines date night to keep and then display it some where you can add to it each year. Ex: Press or dry the flowers your man gave you and start a shadow box of Valentines Days.

7. Start a tradition to make a drawing you each add to--I know this would be artwork to remember with Kyle's artistic ability hehe

I'm excited to get some of these things started for our marriage/relationship. They each will only bring memories and growth in the process. Also, I know I sometimes feel like since I haven't started any of these the first year of our marriage that I missed out and might has well not start now----I've got to get that thought out of my mind! These are great things to start at any point in a relationship!

I hope these dresses and dates might spark an idea for you and your man!


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