Friday, February 7, 2014

Couch Shopping

Since Daniel and I started looking at houses, we've been slowly taking inventory of what we have and trying to decide what our priorities will be in terms of purchasing furniture, decor, etc.  And I'm pretty excited, because one of the first things we've agreed to consider is a new couch!  Our couch now has been with me since sophomore year of college.  It's pea green suede and shows EVERYTHING--it came from a garage sale.  And after two years of college and two plus years with our puppy girls, this means it's looking pretty stinkin' gross at this point.  

So we're dreaming of a couch that doesn't need to be vacuumed twice a day! And one that won't show it every time one of the dogs decides to obsessively lick the arm rest.  And maybe even a couch that'll be crayon and marker friendly when we have crazy little ones down the road!

We're just starting the looking process, and these don't necessarily fit the bill, but here are a few we like so far. And, best part--they wouldn't break the bank!

Having someone to get excited over a couch with is kind of a lot of fun.  And I appreciate so much that Daniel and I have similar taste.  We agreed we want to make the inside of our new house much classier than our rent house, but we still want it to look a little quirky and young.  Marriage is FUN.  Can't wait to keep you updated on this whole process!

Happy Friday, folks!  Have a warm, cozy weekend!


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