Sunday, July 6, 2014

26 Weeks Bumpdate


Baby Size: 14+ inches long!

Gender: Girl!

Weight Gain: 10 pounds. Haven't gotten any maternity clothes--somehow still buttoning my shorts under my belly.  But I definitely can't appropriately wear most of my shirts and my dresses that hit above the knee--nobody wants to see that :)

Symptoms: I definitely felt a little more tired this week than I have been the whole pregnancy--a nap looked pretty dang wonderful once about 3 o'clock rolled around every afternoon.  And I've had a little bit more stretching pain in the past few days than I've had in a while.  I'm also making more trips to the restroom--homegirl kicks me hard in the bladder frequently.  Speaking of kicking--this babe now has my whole stomach moving all over the place.  Daniel and I were laughing about it during church this morning--she would not chill out and it looked CRAZY!  

Exercise: Not much has changed, other than I've added in extra daily squats and back stretches because of our Bradley Method birthing class (we started last week!). Feeling strong!
Cravings: Chocolate and greek yogurt!

I hope you all had the best holiday weekend!


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