Thursday, July 31, 2014

10 Little Things: July

Sharing a few simple things I'm especially thankful for this month!
1. Access to the public library.
Really enjoying the breastfeeding book I checked out last week and can't wait to do more research here.
2. New carpet on the stairs!
The whole house feels so much cleaner!

3. Gluten free flour.
So I can make cinnamon rolls when I'm randomly craving them. And any other baked good.

4. The CUTEST baby shower invitation ever. :)
You're the best, Nat!

5. The crazy bold color we chose for our downstairs bathroom. 
Can't wait to see this tiny space come together.

6. Printed photos.
Finally got a few recents done to display around the house!

7. Tiny newborn booties.
Anything tiny for newborns, really.  But especially thankful for these from our sweet friend Kaitlyn :)

8. This book, this class.
Walking through labor prep with Daniel makes it all so much less scary, and I really love reading through this book together before bed every night.

9. Lists, and crossing things off of them.
I love making this house ours and getting ready for our girl!

10. The happiest girl on the planet.
Penny has one state of mind, and I love it. Her tail never stops wagging.

Life is so sweet!


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