Friday, July 11, 2014

My Midsummer Bucket List

It's already mid-July, you guys. What in the world? As we approach the dog days of summer, I'm realizing there are still so many things I'd like to do with my hubs and friends before the babe comes.  And since today is gray and and rainy, I figured I'd dream about my to-do list in the form of a blog post :)

1.  Pick Our Own Fruit

I've seen a lot of cute photos of families out picking anything from peaches to strawberries to blueberries this summer, and I'm aching to join in.  I have my eye on this farm, among several others. What a fun date idea!

2. Canoe/Float

I'm looking at you, Lake Wedington.  If you're on the hunt for an awesome day activity, this lake rents canoes, kayaks, paddleboats and paddleboards off of the cutest little dock.  We're big fans. :)

3. Weave a Wall Hanging

I'm strongly considering spending a day with this tutorial.

4. Make Homemade Ice Cream

5. Go Camping

As far as legitimate, sleep-on-the-ground camping goes--I may have missed the boat on that one.  The third trimester of pregnancy doesn't really seem like the right time to see how far I can push my back and hip muscles--they're already holding a human.  But, I definitely wouldn't mind a little glamping action in one of these pretties.

6. Spend a Day at the Library

This place is magical and I really can't justify how little time I spend here.

7. Roast Marshmallows

Did you know marshmallows are gluten free? The moment I found that out earlier this year is the moment I realized I might just make it living this whole GF lifestyle :) Just kidding, but seriously--is there anything better than a golden brown toasted marshmallow? Not in my book. Daniel and I actually bought a small fire pit this week and I can't wait to set it up in our backyard!

8. Print Photos

This is such an overwhelmingly exciting time in our lives--it deserves to be framed and hung on the wall!

9. Host One More Sleepover

Take me back to this night, please. I miss these girls so much!

10. Have a Garage Sale

We are still hard at work on our new house, and we've run out of room for our stuff.  This means it's time to get rid of ALL THE THINGS and live with less, which I'm SO excited about and will finally be able to breathe after we do so.

Summer isn't over, friends! We still have plenty of time to make sweet memories.  :)


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