Monday, July 21, 2014

Our Natural Birth Prep Reading List

As Daniel and I researched and ultimately decided to go the natural birth route (as long as baby and I are safe to do so), we looked for a few helpful reads to confirm our decision.  These books came highly recommended by our midwife and birthing class teacher, and I'm so thankful sources like these exist as I wait on our girl to grow!

For the mommy who wants lots of research to back up what you're reading--this book is a great collection of sources!

Daniel has found a lot of helpful information in this book, which came highly recommended by our sweet midwife!

We're just now really getting into this one--it was assigned as homework for our Bradley Method class--but so far I really love how it reads out loud.  Daniel and I take turns and stop to discuss anything we find interesting--I especially love the stories of real natural births and how the parents in them work so well as a team.

This one is still on my to-buy list, but I fully intend on reading it before Edie gets here.  I was first introduced to Ina May when I watched the documentary The Business of Being Born, and the reviews on this book and her method of birthing babies speak for themselves!

Also still on my to-buy list--I definitely want to feel more prepared for this part of raising and nurturing my babe before she's here.  I plan to attend at least one La Leche League meeting before then, too!

We have an appointment with our midwife tomorrow morning, and books like these help us feel prepared to discuss and ask questions we may not have realized we had otherwise. Can't wait to hear our little lady's sweet heartbeat again and see how she's measuring!


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