Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Reminisce 2013

2013 has come to an end but I can't help but reminisce over ALL the things that have occurred in the big 2013.

- Sorry to start with one of the downers but in the beginning of 2013 I lost one of my best friends and only childhood pet, Willy. He was the best dog and was in one way or another in every childhood memory, he will be missed and remembered but he lived a lonnggg 16.5 year old life and was playing up until the days before he passed. 


- Kyle thankfully changed jobs in March to go work for his uncle at his RV dealership while he is in school. We now get to have a lot more down time and not have to worry about working at an 100% commission job! Talk about getting a stress reliever and a life changer. 

- We got to welcome our 4th niece, Marcella, into the world in May. It was my sister's first baby girl and we can not get enough of her, she is adorable! 


- I accepted a full time position at the most awesome company ever, the Two Guys Bow Tie Co. in May. I feel beyond blessed to be able to learn so much about a small business along with getting to be surrounded by creative things! 

- Kyle and I got to celebrate our 1 year wedding anniversary (I can NOT believe it's been that long) on the lake of the Ozarks. We had our first get-away since the honeymoon and it was wonderful and spontaneous, we even went zip-lining and cave wandering! 

- I had the honor of planning Jordan's bachelorette/personal shower weekend with the bridesmaids, it was one of the best weekend I have ever had and I will remember it forever! It's crazy how 5 girls can be friends from different stages of life but can become so close in just 2 days. It must say something about the bride that brought us all together....:)

- Kyle and I started the home buying process in July and with it came a lot of frustration in the months to come, you can read more about that here. With Kyle in school, I learned A LOT about that process and I am proud of myself for being able to get us set up to finally get things started. 

- My sister got us tickets to the Taylor Swift concert the past Christmas, so we went and it was awesome! I loved it  :)


- Another life changer came with my Beth Moore bible study in the fall, I recommend any of her studies to everyone! First of all, Beth weaves the Bible together like a loom weaves weft and warp strings into a beautiful tapestry (I've got weaving fever, if you can't tell). The study stretched my understanding of everything I've ever learned and made me reach deeper. Also, the women I got to share this time with became my motivation to meet back every week and I love them and their hearts for God.

- Jordan and Daniel got married in October! I was so excited for them to tie the knot and I was honored to be a part of their marriage celebration. It was a perfect day that I will again, never forget.

- Jordan and I started this adventure of a blog along with kickstarting other ideas that may take form in 2014! I have had a blast being able to share about my life and my marriage, I only hope to continue to grow in this avenue!

- Kyle and I found our first home the first week of December and we are going to be closing any day now! I can't wait to share about the moving-in process along with before and afters. It's been quite a ride and at this moment our patience is being tested but I know His timing is perfect, I just have to keep repeating that over and over in my tiny human brain!

Whew, what a year! The one constant I see is that our Lord can and will lead us exactly where He wants us, it is our job to recognize His path to learn more about who He is along with helping others in the process.

I could write forever about all the things I've learned and realized about myself, Kyle, and the Lord but I'll keep that for myself and let you think about your own year :)

You might have noticed but I've been a little absent from the blog the last week, primarily due to the fact almost everyone in my family has been sick including Kyle and myself. We are (mostly) all better now but I will be a little sparse on the posts while Kyle and I get ready to close on our house, move in, do some renovations, while working full time, all before Kyle gets back to school on the 13th! It's going to be a whirl wind but I'm so excited and I will definitely be back in full swing in a week or two to fill you in! 

P.S.  I'll be posting my 2014 dreams and goals soon :)


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