Sunday, January 19, 2014

Still Learning

In our almost three months of marriage, Daniel and I have already developed a few daily rituals.  We run the dogs every morning before work. He makes me coffee while I do a little weight training.  I fix his breakfast while he showers.  I make dinner before he comes home, and the first thing he does when he walks in is sit down, put his hand on my leg and pray over our meal. It's only been three months, but these things have already become habits.  

I can see how easy it would be to become routine-driven and slowly forget to actually TALK to one another.  I consider all of the things I mentioned above to be good, sweet things, but if we're just doing them out of habit, we aren't necessarily growing.

Daniel and I entered marriage with the intentions to maintain communication and keep learning about one another.  Shortly after our wedding, I came across this journal online and ordered it for us for Christmas.

We began this journal on the first of the year, and it has already become something I look forward to sitting down with each evening.  It's a three year journal with a question for each day of the year and places for both of us to write in our responses.  Once we finish the first year, we cycle back through the same questions so we can see how we've changed and grown.  

The prompts vary from "What irritates you?" to "I love it when my partner wears _____," to "If you could go on a double date with any famous couple, who would it be?"  Some of the broad questions consider healthy topics to talk through regularly, and the more random ones are things I've never thought to ask Daniel, therefore I don't know his answers.  It forces us to learn something about one another every day--I love it!

How do you make sure you're still pursuing and learning about your spouse? I definitely recommend this little journal if you're looking for fresh things to talk about!


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