Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Daniel and Jordan's Wedding Photos

Back in the fall (while we were on our honeymoon, actually), I wrote this detailed account of our wedding day, but didn't have our photos back yet (because we were ON OUR HONEYMOON...two days after our wedding...and I was only posting so I could remember all the things I'd written in the journal that was stolen with my purse...). And later I laid out our budget and shared some of the detail photos, but none of our beautiful wedding party or the actual festivities.

So, in light of my husband and I spending our first weekend apart and feeling so insanely excited to see him Sunday night (it brought me back to those pre-wedding ceremony feelings), I thought I'd post some of them today.   These photos are SO special to us--our wonderful photographer really went above and beyond to capture the anticipation and pure joy of the whole day.  Thank you, Michelle!

I love my husband, you guys, even more than I did three months ago. Waking up without him this weekend made me realize what a joy it really is to start each day beside this guy.

And these people absolutely made our day a dream.

I've always fought for my independence, but MAN, marriage is changing me.  I think I dig this whole being a part of a team thing.

Speaking of our big day--our wedding is featured on the Free People blog today! Eeeek! Check it out here!


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