Thursday, January 30, 2014

Kyle and Nataley's Wedding Day

Although my wedding was just over a year and a half ago I thought I would share these special photos of our big day in light of Valentine's Day approaching!--Jordan and Kalyn's posts got me all mushy and lovey- dovey :)

I hope you enjoy these wonderful photos taken by Imagovitaphotography!

-My beautiful bridesmaids- Jordan, cousin Hope, and sister Whitney-

-My aunt and uncle were so gracious to offer their beautiful log cabin home to let us get ready in- 
-cutest little kids I've ever seen: Kilie, Jarek, and Maiya-

My beautiful bouquets were made by my loving, generous, talented aunt Julie :)
-Look at all that bling ;)-
'First Touch' rather than 'First Look' :)

My parents surprised me with a horse-drawn carriage---it felt like a dream

I guess that is the face I make when I'm really excited to see Kyle ha

-I recommend the first act after being declared married be taking communion together, it was a special moment-

We got married on my parent's land on their wedding anniversary--I am really glad we did :)

-This guy ;)-
-Pop as a party favor- 

-Asbury United Methodist let me borrow the fabric and family (aunt Di) and others lent us the lights to really transform the shop-
-I have a lot of aunts (or ladies that are so close they are honorary aunts) that made our big day happen, Cinda did AMAZING, I couldn't have asked for a more perfect cake-
-one of my favorite pictures-
-These were a Christmas gift from my sister and her hubs and they perfectly represent me and Kyle-
-Guess who caught the bouquet???-

-Note: grass seed is not a good material to throw at the bride and groom when it's June and hot and the little bitty seeds get everywhere---but it made a cute picture! :)-

This day was more than I could have ever imagined in any dream and we owe it all to our parents, family, and friends. I love you all!


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