Sunday, January 26, 2014

House Hunting: Daniel and Jordan

Since it consumed most of our weekend, I think it's an appropriate time to announce that Daniel and I looking to buy a house! :)

We were pre-approved for a home loan on Friday.  I don't know many details on that whole process because Daniel kind of took care of it.  But I do know he found our realtor on Dave Ramsey's website and she referred him to a couple of banks.  We met with the realtor Saturday afternoon, discussed what we're looking for, and clicked through a BUNCH of listings online, which we've been doing for a couple of hours every evening the past few weeks. We narrowed it down to a few houses and made plans to go see them this week!

So I've obviously been dreaming about decor and pinning away between house searching sessions. I'm so excited to create a cozy space for Daniel and me, and our future little ones!

We're both a little nervous--this is a huge investment! But we're feeling mostly excited and relaxed.  We have until May to be moved out of our rent house, so we're not in a major rush.  

I do keep wondering when I became old enough for something like this, though! :)



  1. That sounds kinda exciting! Especially if you’re doing it the first time as a wife. It can be a little worrisome as well, because it is a huge investment. We cannot settle for anything less, right? So when you choose, make sure that it’s really good for you, since you'll have to live with that decision in the months or years to come. Cheers!

    Blair Berdusco

  2. Buying a house is exciting. But it can also be daunting at times, particularly when it comes to its process. It was a good thing that you were able to find a real estate agent, and got pre-approved on your loan. This will certainly make your experience smoother and less of a hassle, because you got everything you need. How was it, btw?

    Lydia Piscioneri @ Credit Group