Saturday, January 11, 2014

Getting Out of Town

Yesterday was a tough day, and I took it out on my husband.  I don't love admitting that.  I expect him to be able to read my mind sometimes, and that's just not fair.  

After the way I acted, I asked Daniel if he'd like to take a little afternoon trip with me.  I felt like we needed to get out of town, away from our arguments (marriage is hard!) and the things that upset us, and just be together.  We drove 45 minutes away from home, pulled over and did a little exploring, and it was wonderful.  We laughed a lot, kissed a lot, watched the sun hide behind the horizon, held hands on the drive home, and all is well again.  I so appreciate the forgiveness that comes with being married to a man like Daniel, but hope to never take advantage of it.

I'm working on getting better at saying I'm sorry quickly.  I'm so glad we didn't waste the whole weekend being angry. 

I hope you enjoyed the beautiful weather today, too!


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