Monday, January 13, 2014

Custom Flower Crowns

It was warm and windy yesterday.  I wore shorts on my walk with the dogs.  SHORTS.  In January.  The temp was just in the negatives a week ago.  What is this winter?  

I don't get it, but yesterday made me crave spring.  Except for the unbearable allergies and humidity.  And all the bugs.  Okay, I hate spring.  But I do love flowers!

I feel like I'm not allowed to wear florals in the winter, but I'm feeling inspired by them today.  

And if you're having a Monday-ish Monday, here's my favorite:

:) So great.
I had the best time at my flower potluck bridal shower last summer.  And I really loved making my own flower crown for our big day, which is why I'd love to help you with yours! If you need a flower crown for your wedding or other special event and would like to discuss creating a custom order--contact me!

Such a happy day! :)


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