Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Top Ten of 2013

Happy New Years Eve, pretty people!  What a freakin' fantastic year 2013 was.  I'd be scared if I were you, 2014--you have a lot to live up to!

I had a lot of really wonderful moments this year I'll definitely remember for years to come.  
But, for your sake, here are my top ten:


TOP TEN OF 2013:

1. GETTING MARRIED. Of course.  I mean, the way Daniel looked at me as I was walking down the aisle is a memory I will hold onto fiercely for the rest of my days.

2. OUR FIRST TRIP.  Just the two of us.  Our honeymoon was wonderful and memorable, for sure.  The most euphoric hike followed by finding out we were robbed on the first day made this one a trip for the books.

3. BACHELORETTE/BRIDAL SHOWER WEEKEND.  I don't mean to make this all about wedding stuff, but these girls traveled from all over to be here for two days I'll seriously treasure in my heart forever.  I have THE BEST friends, no matter how far away we've moved from each other.

4.  FINDING OUR SMALL GROUP.  Oh man, our little Wednesday night Bible study crew has turned into the biggest blessing in the friendship department.  We LOVE these couples and their hearts.

5.  DANIEL'S SURPRISE PARTY.  I finally kept a gift a secret until his actual birthday, and it was SO MUCH FUN.

6.  THE PURE CHARITY CHALLENGE.  We learned SO MUCH and overall felt SO supported, mostly by people we hardly knew! What a sweet time of community, and our budget wedding turned out to be everything we had dreamed!

7. POESY.  Adding another pup to our little family was so worth it.  She has the weirdest personality and fits in perfectly!

8. COACHING MY GIRLS.  I LOVE coaching soccer, but even more than that, I love my sweet, snarky little ladies.

9.  MOVING INTO OUR HOUSE.  Even though I lived there alone for five months--it was still so exciting!

10.  GOVERNMENT SHUTDOWN. Ha.  What a MEMORY.  It'll become even funnier as time goes on, I'm sure.


Goodbye, 2013.  You've been SO SO good to me.


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