Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Joy sweet Joy

Here we are at December 3rd and I can’t believe Christmas season is here! I don’t think I have quite the Elf-level of excitement as Jordan ha but I am loving my Christmas decorations, my nightly hot chocolate, Christmas music, warm socks, and the possibility of snow fall this weekend! 

I couldn't help but show some more pictures from my Thanksgiving festivities because I want to continue to be aware of how important my family and friends are to me.  Everyone's family is different and I am learning more as I get older that it is so fun to learn about each member's individual personality. I had a blast hanging out with cousins and cousin's kids I haven't seen in quite awhile around a bonfire.

Don't get me wrong, Kyle and I definitely love and need time to ourselves but in the past it seems I haven't had the right attitude when it comes to holiday time with family. Most of this selfishness stemmed from Kyle being in the Marine Corps and coming home during the holidays and me not wanting to share him. I look back at times when I would be in a hurry to leave an event or not happy while I was surrounded by family and friends because I wanted me and Kyle time. 

Now that Kyle has been home for a year and a half things have definitely gotten better but I have some regrets about previous years when I didn't recognize that family times don't have to be stressful---They will be what you make them.

I'm going to try and make these times as joyful and loving as I can this year and I know I can't do this without keeping my eyes on my Savior Jesus, he is so good and I am not!

 Someone please tell my brother his stache is creepppyyy

Burnt trees in Mannford, Ok
 I love me some sweet P :)
 Precious Riley was a little shy



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