Sunday, December 1, 2013

Tis the (BEST) Season!

Today is December 1st--it's officially Christmastime!  We spent a good part of the post-Thanksgiving weekend enjoying some of the most exciting parts of the season.  Friday night Daniel and I walked through Rhema with my dad, his girlfriend Suzanne, my brother Jake, and his girlfriend Lindsey.  Rhema is a church near Tulsa that puts up a crazy amount of Christmas lights every year for the public to enjoy.  

Then yesterday we continued in the spirit of the season and got a few Christmas card photos taken by Nat! The girls really put on their best behavior...

I LOVE Christmas--driving around to find the best lights, the dorky sweaters (for people and dogs), the hot drinks, and especially the big meals with family, the parties with sweet friends, the gift giving.  Most of all, I love Christ Jesus, that he was born and we're allowed to freely celebrate Him like we do in this country (all materialism and commercialism aside).  I'm anticipating the most beautiful season of my life yet, and I can't wait to share it with you!


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