Thursday, December 26, 2013

Happy 'Gotcha Day' Gunny!

I can't believe Kyle and I have had our first dog-child for 1 year today! Since we don't know his actual birthday we are going to celebrate the day we got him.
It all started when I was working at the Vet clinic and these two girls brought in this cute black scared puppy came in to get his shots. I will always remember these girls, they were about my age and would use whatever money they could to help dogs and cats they found on the streets get the shots and food they needed. They would house them themselves or with friends until they could find homes for them. 
They told us Gunny, formally known as Captain to them, ran into one of their friend's backyards and hid under the table and they couldn't get him out. They had a friend keep him for awhile until I couldn't stand it any longer and I told them I would take him. 
It was not a planned thing, the day they brought him to the clinic for me to take I had plans that night to go hide in some bushes and take pictures of Daniel proposing to Jordan! I wasn't about to miss that, (p.s. Daniel, I'm so glad you included me in that moment) so I left Gunny in my apartment bathroom and told Kyle who was getting home in 30 minutes that there was a dog in our bathroom.
From that point on we have had the best dog-child ever! It hasn't always been easy, especially living in a third story apartment, but it's all worth it because he brings us so much happiness! You know what I'm talking about dog lovers.
Here are some pics of our baby starting with one from the first night we got him. He was just a baby...okay he was like 8 months old we think but he was sooo sweet!


Happy Gotcha Day to our big baby Gunny!


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