Thursday, December 5, 2013

Snow Day for Grown Ups

Daniel and I are working from home today.  The sky is white, but there's no snow on the ground yet.  They went ahead and called school this morning (I do social media for a school district--I guess I haven't really talked about that yet) due to ice, and Daniel and his co-workers decided not to get on the highway this morning. So here we are: side by side on the couch with our computers on our laps, fresh coffee on the table by our propped up feet, every once in a while noticing how cute our girls are all sprawled out in front of the fire.  What a glorious change of pace!

If this is what a Snow Day looks like as an adult, I don't hate it.  I hope you're staying safe and cozy and your cup is full of something warm and yummy!


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