Monday, December 9, 2013

Forget the tree skirt---We're buying a house!

So much has happened since I last posted about our home buying process. We went from getting approved for a loan, to looking at houses, to making an offer on the perfect one and getting it accepted!

We are sooo excited but this journey has been an emotional roller coaster along with a big ball of stress!

I believe we got pre-approved for the loan on a Friday and we went and looked at houses on Sunday----I fell in love with the first one. :/
The house was staged for selling. It had updated floors and appliances along with a decent size backyard and a corner fireplace. The floor plan wasn’t as open as we were wanting but our realtor said it best, it was an “all you need is your toothbrush” kind of house.

Looking back, I am surprised that I liked it so much, I was ready to put an offer on it but Kyle led us to wait a little longer. What I really wanted in a house was one I could make my own and pick the flooring, wall colors, counters, and fixtures. With that house, we would be paying for those things that I wanted to change.

Thank goodness Kyle and I are opposites because we really balance each other out and make better decisions because of it. That was a close call, I think I got too excited about the idea of getting into a house and it was so well taken care of and ready to go, it was tempting. Another thing was the sellers told us there were already other offers and that they would wait and see if we placed an offer to make their decision. We don’t know if they were lying or if there were really other offers but it made the decision feel pressured and everyone in our families told us to not rush into anything! At first I didn’t want to listen but I’ve not listened to family too many times to make that mistake again.  The Lord made it clear when I was learning in bible study that week about His peace and how when we are on his plan walking with Him there will be peace. There was no peace in that situation.

Now the next weekend, Kyle and I had our eye on a foreclosure in a really nice neighborhood.  It was the first house we went to see that Sunday afternoon and we both did a walk through of the house and wanted to know where to sign!  This felt like home. It definitely seemed too good to be true so I tried not to get my hopes up but we were both gitty about this one. The floor plan is open with the living room, kitchen and dining area all open with no walls. The ceilings are vaulted and the back yard is a good size. (The closet is also huge!)

We started the offer process and this is where that stress ball grew and grew. I know it’s not good to be stressed and I’m really not a naturally stressed out person but when you marry a naturally stressed out person it kinda rubs off.  No, Kyle is not that bad but he has the personality of being very realistic and financially cautious (which are two very good qualities that I do not have so I am SO glad he has them).

Since we were buying a foreclosure that is actually owned by the VA (we saw this as another sign that this was the right house for us since Kyle is a veteran and we are using the VA home loan) we had a lot of waiting to do. We offered then they countered, then we countered, then they accepted!

Ahhh now here comes the rush to close. We are trying to close on Dec. 27th, which is in 18 days! Everyone will tell you that there are so many costs that build up in the home buying process---and they are right! There are costs for closing, and deposits, and costs for turning water and gas and electric on for inspections, and the inspections, and an appraisal, and we have some costs for our apartment to move our cox and internet and water and electric. Not to mention we need a fridge and would love a more energy efficient washer and dryer.

I won’t bore you with all of my many many home buying thoughts but I hope this was helpful for anyone starting the process or just wanting to get some research!

I’ll post more later on fun details and pics!

Stay warm and be safe out there!



  1. Excellent. Here's to hoping it is more than just a good buy, but a wise one. Keep all bases covered throughout the house buying process, with as much input and sales back-up that you think you'll need.

    Gateway Select

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