Saturday, December 7, 2013

Saturday in December

 Like Jordan, I am loving this snow! I was kinda bummed because I had to work yesterday when Kyle didn't and Kyle has to work today when I don't! That's how the adult life goes I guess : / 

Last Saturday I got to put up the Christmas decorations with my niece Maiya and I really enjoyed the help, she helped decorate the tree and set things up!

Today is filled with laundry, Bedlam football, Xmas gift making, playing in the snow with Gunny, and crocheting :)

 Please excuse the lack of tree skirt, I am trying to think up something cute and cheap, I will be sure and post a DIY when it happens.

Also excuse the awkward selfie--I made this crocheted headband the other night because I wanted something to wear when going in and out of the snowy weather. What do you all think? Would you buy something like this? I have a passion for crocheting and art and would love love love to make and sell things, any feed back helps!
I found the pattern for the headband here.
This was the best pic of Gunny I got, he LOVES the snow :) 


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