Wednesday, September 23, 2015

26 Goals for My 26th Year

1. Go on a date with my husband.
2. Photograph a birth.
3. Write a children's book.
4. Throw Edie a beautiful birthday party.
5. Bake a cake.
6. Grow a vegetable.
7. Catch a fish.
8. Cook a multi-course meal.
9. Read through the Harry Potter series.
10. Camp.
11. Host a holiday party.
12. Repaint our front door.
13. Learn a little Spanish.
14. Visit a pick-your-own farm.
15. Learn to sew something simple.
16. Dye clothes with veggies/fruit.
17. Continue minimizing our stuff and live with less.
18. Keep a plant alive.
19. Stress less.
20. Laugh daily.
21. Be intentional with my hands free time.
22. See a movie in a theater.
23. Regularly invest in friendships.
24. Help other new moms through LLL and otherwise.
25. Learn to make macarons.
26. Take ballet lessons.

Cheers to 26!

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