Friday, December 18, 2015

Eden Faye, 14 Months

Hi, friends! I'm 14 months old today!
Here's what I'm up to lately:

-I weigh 19.5 pounds and am over 30 inches tall!
-I started saying a lot of new words this month! A few new regulars are:
 "baw" (ball) 
"Puh Puh" (Penny)
 "boo" (book)
"nana" (banana)
"dipe" (diaper)
"ahhh-kle" (apple)
"go!" (usually directed at Penny)
"uh oh!"
"shhh!" (at Penny)
"sssssss" (sit, also directed at Penny as I point my finger at her. HA)
-I also know sounds if you ask me what a monkey, dog, or cat says! My cat noise is a high-pitched shriek. 
-And much to Mama's dismay, I LOVE cats.
-I started shaking my head no. A lot.
-I know where my head, eyes, nose, mouth, ears, tummy, knees and feet are and I cover them with my hand if you ask me!
-I'm getting all of the teeth and none of the sleep.
-I am incredibly coordinated! I dribble a soccer ball all around the house and kick it hard if Mama asks me to.
-I love walking my puppy (a toy dog on a string) and will do so if you tell me to!
-If I poop and Mama is busy doing something like dishes or laundry, I take off my diaper and hand it to her. (!!!!)
-I eat all the things. Seriously. I LOVE FOOD. Some new favorites this month are blueberries, carrots with hummus, and pumpkin soup. And I loved turkey on Thanksgiving!
-I know my books by title. If Mama asks me to go get "Red Truck," I get up and dig through them until I find it!
-My favorite books this month were "Red Truck," "Little Owl Lost," and "The Christmas Story."
-If Mama asks, "How big is Edie?" I lift my hands above my head as she says, "SO BIG!"
-I give very wet kisses. If Mama asks for a kiss, there's only about a 10% chance I'll give her one. I usually get all smiley and flirty and bury my face in her shoulder. But if she tells me to give Penny or my baby a kiss, I do it right away!
-I rock my babies and kiss them on the head.
-I push my baby doll stroller everywhere.
-If I'm playing and Mama says she needs to check my diaper, I look at her and run away. No time for that!
-I love being chased and tickled.
-I play games right back! I look at Mama and when she looks at me I look away real quick with a big grin on my face and then look at her and if she's looking at me I look away real quick again. I'm a big girl!
-I am a social butterfly in big groups! I love everyone!
-I wave at people on the TV when Mama watches the news.
-I'm no longer afraid of my rocking horse!
-I still nurse all day and night :)
-I don't like to hold Mama's hand in public--I want to explore on my own!


Oh, Edie. You are SO spunky and crazy and hilarious. I just love your fearless personality--you wear Mama out every day in the best way! You're becoming so independent and getting into everything, and I can't believe how quickly you pick up on new words and concepts. We worked on one body part a day this month and you got them down by bedtime! The huge grin you get on your face when I read the first line of a book is the best thing I've seen in all my life. And the whole dribbling your soccer ball around the house thing just BLOWS MY MIND. You are just a year old! I don't even understand. I love watching you play with Penny--you are an animal lover, for sure. And your little mama instincts with your baby dolls--OH MY GOODNESS. You are so sweet, love. I love you with all of me.


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