Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Eden Faye, One Month Old

At one month old, I:

-Am hopefully nearing 8 lbs!
-Am still wearing newborn clothes--
most of them are still too long for my little legs
-Look like mommy, according to everyone I've met
-Snort like a piggy when I'm excited to eat
-Sleep a four to five hour stretch most nights, 
but fight sleep during the day
-Coo and smile at mommy all day
and just started talking to daddy, too!
-Hated sponge baths the first few weeks, 
but love being in the tub now!
-Love when mommy wears me in our wrap on walks 
and when she cleans the house
-Don't like being rocked but love being held 
when mommy does squats
-Hold my head up and look at mommy and daddy
-Roll from my tummy to side regularly
-Squint my eyes and open my mouth really wide before I smile 
when I'm really excited, like when mommy kisses me

Best month of our lives--we are more in love with this girl every day!


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