Sunday, November 30, 2014

Edie Faye, Week Six

Edie giggled this week! Eeee my heart can hardly take such joy :) She's definitely found her hands and is constantly sucking on them when she's not eating--so far our goal to not really use a pacifier is working! She kicks like crazy in the bath and pushes herself in her little tub away from the big bathtub wall with her feet--we might have a swimmer on our hands! She's also turning her head toward us when we talk to her and seeming more like a little adult every day. Sometimes I almost expect her to say "I love you, too" back to me, but she just smiles (which is just the sweetest response--love her gummy grin!) I'm starting to think she's going to have a pretty spunky personality. Also, she's suddenly balding, but only on the top of her head. Uncle Jake (in the last photo) said she looks like Red Foreman from That 70's Show (thanks, brother!).

Edie baby, you are more fun every day! Waking up to you and realizing I really get to be your mommy every day is a dream. I can't decide if I love watching you sleep, holding my hand on your tummy so you don't kick yourself right out of your tub in the bath, or hearing you talk more--every little thing you do makes me so happy and so proud! I love you so much, pretty babe.


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