Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Diagnosing Edie's Tongue Tie

This post was my first clue that Edie might be tied when she dropped off the weight chart at eight weeks.  Unfortunately, another two months went by before her ties were confirmed and revised. Her pediatrician and an ENT who was "very knowledgeable with ties" both claimed that her mouth looked fine.  Even more unfortunately, this happens to lots of babies/families before they find a doctor who actually recognizes a tie.

Poor weight gain was obviously Edie's most telling symptom, but in the weeks following revision we found that my supply had suffered because she hadn't been able to demand enough milk. She also clicked while she nursed, had reflux, chewed because she couldn't get a deep latch, and nursed around the clock while screaming.

Mamas, if you're having problems nursing, could it be a tie? Hopefully it's something even more simple, but I wanted to throw this resource out there in case anyone needs to stumble upon it.  I wish I'd known what ties were as soon as she was born. I also wish I'd trusted my instincts a little more when the first doctors told me I was wrong. You know your baby best, mama bear! 

Boob on!

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