Monday, August 24, 2015

Babywearing Workout

Happy Monday, friends! I'm excited (and just SLIGHTLY tempted to feel embarrassed by showcasing my body in this way, but you know what? I pushed a baby out of my hooha--my body is AMAZING. And yours is too, mama!) to share a quick baby-friendly workout with you this morning to get your week off on a happy, sweaty foot. 

I'm wearing Edie in my beautiful Wildbird ring sling in the first half of this workout, but you could also use a wrap, something more structured like an Ergo, or just hold your baby securely if you don't babywear!  Let's get started.

1. Squats
Push your booty back like you're sitting in a chair.

2. Single Legged Squats
Same drill, on one leg! These are awesome.

3. Lunges
I like to alternate legs and do walking lunges back and forth across the room rather than standing in one spot.

4. Kick Backs
Similar to the single legged squat, only kick your leg back straight and feel it in your butt, then come back to center.

5. Glute Sits
Alternate sides. If not wearing baby, add a little hop in between for some cardio.

6. Kiss and Lift
Edie loves this one. Do enough reps to feel your arms and shoulders burn! This will depend on your strength and the weight of your babe.

7. Leg Raises
Don't let your legs rest on the floor and try to keep them straight.

8. Bike Ride with Baby
And get smacked in the face with a tiny tennis shoe.

9. Downward Facing Dog Stretch
She normally crawls under me during down dog, but this was the first time she'd seen these shoes. I was invisible by this point :)

10. Half Cat/Cow
Don't fully let your ab muscles go, try to keep them a little flexed. Post baby belly muscles are sensitive!

11. Yoga Pushups
Keep your elbows pinned to your sides for a tougher pushup.

12. Stretch It Out

...And get your hair pulled.

13. Relax (or nurse while getting jabbed in the throat, haha)

Follow this up with a nice long babywearing walk and thank yourself for how incredibly strong you are!

Hope this gives you a few new ideas on what a workout can look like with a crazy babe! You can obviously tailor the reps and such to how much time you have/your fitness level. 

Getting extra energy from exercise endorphins is SO helpful for me in being the best mama I can be for Edie. Take care of yourselves, mamas!

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  1. I'm in LOVE with that ring sling! I've been looking at the Sakura Bloom ones but I actually like these better! And where did you get that yoga mat from? I'm in the market. This workout is awesome. My 2.5 won't ring sling anymore and working out has a whole new challenge but I think with our second this will be fantastic.