Sunday, October 12, 2014

40 Weeks Bumpdate

So, here we are, friends--the babe is due and I'm still very pregnant.  No real complaints though--it's  common to go past your due date--we've been prepared for this.  We are very excited, of course, but I'm also feeling a new sense of peace about letting her come when she's ready.  It'll be very soon, no matter what! That doesn't mean we aren't thinking about pulling out all of the natural at-home stops soon--we have our 40 week appointment tomorrow morning and we'll be discussing those kinds of things with our midwife.  The birth center likes to avoid going too far past a due date because they don't want us to have to go through the stress of scheduling an induction date and have it hanging over our heads and forcing us to try and beat the clock, which I really appreciate.  I will say I hope this is our last bumpdate, but she may very well still be cozy where she is next week.


Baby Size: Possibly nearing or at 8 pounds now. Please come soon, homegirl--I don't really want to push out a teenager! :)

Weight Gain: Still at 17 pounds.

Symptoms: Woke up with painful contractions a couple of times this week, but they fizzled and I was eventually able to fall back asleep, so not the real deal.  I get lots of them when I work out, too.  Feeling pretty intense hip and low back discomfort, especially if I do anything for too long--lie down, bounce on my yoga ball, walk, clean, anything. I have to change what I'm doing often.  

Exercise: Well, I kept running six days a week up to my due date! I really can't believe it--that was my "Haha, yeah right--that would look ridiculous" goal.  It makes me want to tell every newly pregnant mama, "You can do it--I am NOT a runner--if I can do it you can do it!"  So my routine this past week has been the same, plus a lot more hip hop dancing randomly throughout the day and running up and down the stairs over and over.  

Cravings:  Daniel fulfilled my fair food craving from last week by bringing home the most incredible gluten free batter recipe and ingredients--we may have spent a good chunk of the weekend making corndogs, fried cheese, fried pickles, and apple fritters.  YUM. What else are you gonna do when you haven't made any plans because you don't know whether or not you'll have a baby this weekend?

Edie, when will your birthday be? We are so excited to meet you!


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