Monday, January 19, 2015

Eden Faye, Three Months + An Update

Hello! I am three months old as of yesterday!
Here's what I'm up to lately:

-I weigh 9 pounds, 4 ounces and am 22.75 inches long!
-I wear newborn diapers and newborn/0-3 mos clothes.
-I've seen lots of doctors this month about gaining weight so slowly, 
but all of the big tests have come back negative so far!
-Looking at myself in the mirror is my favorite--I smile and talk to myself.
-I flirt with daddy by smiling at him and then burying my face in mommy's chest.
-I sleep one five hour stretch and another three to four hour stretch at night.
-Lately I fall asleep around 10 p.m. for my long stretch.
-I take three short naps most days.
-I still eat about every two hours during the day.
-I took lots of extra bottles of breastmilk this month when 
mommy and daddy were trying to get my weight up--
mommy pumped for me between every nursing session.
-I love baths and taking showers with mommy.
-I love playing with my hands!
-I just started holding my toys and bringing them to my mouth.
-I love when mommy reads to me--I look at the pictures and talk!
-I roll from tummy to back and from back to side.
-I bat at the toys hanging from my play gym.
-I have awesome head control!
-I love going on walks outside in mommy's wrap when it's warm enough.
-I've full-on laughed several times this month!


Edie girl, this month was a little less than ideal--we spent way too much time in doctors offices and hospitals! Watching you get poked and prodded killed me.  But you're being goofy moments later and restoring joy to my soul, and I am so impressed by you, babe! We're going to get this figured out and go on living our lives, I promise.  I love you more all the time, Eden Faye.


A little life update:

Well, friends, baby girl has been tested for a number of diseases and disorders the past few weeks, and this momma has been a total mess. Edie hasn't been gaining weight as she should, and that paired with a few red flags right after she was born had us moving down a very scary path.  Last week we were sent to the children's hospital for cystic fibrosis testing, and the hours we spent waiting for the results were the longest of my life.  Praise the Lord, she tested negative! That still leaves us without answers, but we were praying it wasn't CF.

Most feeding issues have been ruled out but I've been asking our doctor about the possibility of food allergies (transmitted through my breastmilk), but she kept saying we'd come to that last.  After the CF test Wednesday I decided to just go ahead and eliminate dairy, eggs, and soy (I already don't eat wheat) from my diet. I honestly wish I'd followed my instincts and tried it before the babe fell completely off the weight chart--I'm feeling some major mom guilt. Now I'm just praying this is all it is somehow (we won't know for a bit--it can take weeks for dairy to leave our systems) and that girl will start packing on the chunk!

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