Saturday, January 24, 2015

Saturday Style: Sweater Weather

This week I decided enough was enough--I've dedicated three months to letting fear and worry about girl's health hinder my happiness in watching her grow, and I'd say that's more than plenty.  So I thought it'd be fun to force myself to actually get dressed (sweatpants and nursing tanks have become my daily uniform) at least once a week, as well as get some use out of babe's cute clothes as long as they still fit.  You know, that whole fake it til you make it idea--feeling half put together might make me feel a little less like falling apart every day.  So, the mini and me are starting a new Saturday style series, and today was just perfect for a few outdoor photos!

P.S. I won't wear this hat in every photo series, I promise.  I just happen to have three solid inches of gray roots :) so until I take a little afternoon off to get those fixed, I'll spare you the horror :)

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