Sunday, September 21, 2014

37 Weeks Bumpdate

Friends, we are considered term as of today! This means baby girl could (most likely) come safely anytime, and we can for sure have her at the birth center! We are so thankful to be at this point.  We're also pretty shocked--on our walk last night we were talking about how we've been doing all of this prep--Bradley classes, reading, asking our midwives questions, etc.--but it's kind of seemed like the whole birth and bringing home a baby thing was just something fun to talk about.  Now we're here, and it's a little scary! But in the most wonderful, exciting way, for sure. And I don't mean that to say we'll be having her in the next day or two--we very well could still have a little bit.  But reaching term is a big ol' milestone!


Baby Size: 19 to 20 inches and 7ish pounds on average!

Weight Gain: 16.5 pounds.

Symptoms: Lots of contractions! Sometimes they get going in a rhythm and feel pretty uncomfortable.  I try to change what I'm doing to see if they go away--the past few days going on a walk has only made them stronger and closer together but then taking a warm bath slows them down and feels really good on my back.  I'm feeling more uncomfortable trying to sleep, so I'm not doing much of it. I feel pretty tired by the middle of the day, but taking a power nap helps.  I'm getting up to go to the bathroom a couple of times a night and going all the time during the day, but oh my goodness, I think my acid reflux is gone! I think girl is low enough to where she's mostly putting pressure on my bladder and not so much my esophagus anymore, which I am definitely welcoming with open arms.  

Exercise: Still maintaining my routine! Added in a little dorky dancing after our evening walks to try to open up so girl can drop more now that we're nearing the end.  Feeling more pelvic pressure while running and walking, but I feel a lot better after moving than I do if I've been sitting for a bit.

Cravings: Rice krispie treats, mexican food.

If I suddenly disappear for a bit in the near-ish future, you'll know why! :)


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