Sunday, September 14, 2014

36 Weeks Bumpdate

Crazy busy weekend, you guys! Can't wait to share a few highlights with you soon:) For now, can we please talk about how we are beginning our 37TH WEEK of pregnancy? WHAT? I am so thankful to be at this point and to have peace that baby girl would be healthy if she decided to make her appearance sometime soon. Daniel and I are talking to her constantly, finishing up our birth class this week, and doing our best to keep the house clean so it doesn't stress us out when we bring her home.  Eeeee!


Baby Size: 19ish inches and 6 to 7 pounds!

Weight Gain: 16 pounds.

Symptoms: More contractions this week, a couple more hours where they were pretty steady, strong, and close together. But I'm still pregnant! I'm not sleeping much these days and my trips to the restroom are becoming more and more frequent. A little back and hip pain here and there but nothing a walk or yoga can't fix.

Exercise: Same routine! This week was AWESOME--the mornings were beautiful and chilly and baby girl is out of my lung space--running felt incredible.

Cravings: Mashed potatoes!

One more week until term!


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